A planning tool for preliminary assessment of transportation infrastructure vulnerable to current and future flooding


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Map Viewer User Guide (Version 3, 2020)
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Data Guide (Version 3, 2020)
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Transplex 2020 Webinar:  Drowning in Scenarios? Decision Making for Sea Level Rise. 
This webinar discusses how to choose an appropriate sea level rise (SLR) scenario (or set of scenarios) based on a number of factors, such a time, risk tolerance, and probability. Next, the webinar will discuss updates to the Sea Level Scenario Sketch Planning Tool and how to get SLR scenario data for your planning needs.

GIS Data Download Guides:

These guides are included when you download GIS data from the data download page.

Guide to GIS Data: SLR Models:  Documentation for the GIS data included in each data download

Guide to GIS Data: Affected Transportation:  Documentation for the GIS

Data & Methods Used in this Project:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sea Level Change Curve Calculator (2019.21) Link here

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Circular EC 1165-2-12 – Sea Level Change Considerations for Civil Works Programs Link here

NOAA Technical Report NOS CO-OPS 083, Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States Link here

Project Documentation:

Phase 1, Completed December 2013

Development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) Tool for the Preliminary Assessment of the Effects of Predicted Sea Level and Tidal Change on Transportation Infrastructure, FDOT Contract # BDK75 977-63


Final Report 

Phase 2, Completed October 2015

Testing and Enhancement of the Florida Sea Level Scenario Sketch Planning Tool, FDOT Contract BDV31-932-1

Executive Summary

Final Report

MPO Training & Resources, Completed December 2017

Post Evaluation Report, Contract BDV31 932-03

Integrating Resiliency into the Transportation Planning Process: Current State of the Practice for Florida MPOs, May 2022

Executive Summary

Final Report

MPO Resiliency Map:  Links to vulnerability assessments