A planning tool for preliminary assessment of transportation infrastructure vulnerable to current and future flooding

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Please note: This data has been updated (December 2020)

SLR Models (Inundation Surfaces):

The SLR inundation surfaces available for download on this page were created by the University of Florida GeoPlan Center using the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Sea-Level Change Curve Calculator (2019.21), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) SLR projections (2017), USACE SLR projections (2013), NOAA tidal surfaces, and a 5-meter horizontal resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM).  SLR scenarios were mapped by county using local tide gauge data and sea level trends.

Inundation model outputs include a simple bathtub model and a modified bathtub model that applies a hydrologic connectivity filter to remove isolated inundated areas not connected to a major waterway.  Additionally, some model outputs represent the approximate depth of flooding for a SLR scenario and other model outputs represent the extent of flooding for a SLR scenario. Both vector and raster formats of the SLR inundation surfaces are contained in the FGDB download.

Each download contains a zipped ArcGIS 10.7.1 ESRI File Geodatabase (FGDB) with multiple inundation surfaces (feature classes) for one decade. There are many feature classes included in each download (over 50), so please read the document below carefully.

Guide to GIS Data Version 3: SLR Models (pdf)

Affected Transportation Layers:

The following transportation data were analyzed for future flood exposure.

(1) Florida Department of Transportation – Road Characteristics Inventory (RCI) data (linear features)*

(2) Local Roads – U.S. Census Bureau’s TIGER/line data (linear features)*

(3) Rails (linear features)

(4) Transportation Facilities (polygons): Airports, Seaport, Spaceports, and Freight Terminals

All data were intersected against the SLR Inundation Surfaces to determine the amount and percentage of impact per road, rail, and highway segment and facility type. Each decade of transportation data includes analysis of nine SLR projections.

*RCI and Local Road data was also analyzed for current flood exposure to 100-year and 500-year floodplains and storm surge zones.

Each download contains a zipped ArcGIS 10.7.1 ESRI File Geodatabase (FGDB) with four feature classes (listed above), which contain analysis for one decade and one county.

Guide to GIS Data Version 3: Affected Transportation Layers (pdf)

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