Integrating Resiliency into the Transportation Planning Process

Integrating Resiliency into the Transportation Planning Process: Current State of the Practice for Florida MPOs Resiliency

This report reviews how Florida MPOs are integrating resiliency in their long range planning processes to highlight the needs and opportunities for advancing transportation resiliency. This report is intended to assist transportation planners by documenting notable practices, sharing information, and identifying priority needs.

The research team reviewed the 2045 LRTPs of Florida’s 27 MPOs to categorize how resiliency was integrated in the Goals and Objectives, Performance Measures and Evaluation Criteria, and Resiliency Strategies. The team also reviewed vulnerability assessments and related studies to highlight specific data and tools used for assessing local and regional impacts. Stakeholder interviews were conducted to understand the history of resiliency activities, motivations, and challenges.

As MPOs begin the 2050 LRTP cycle, this report allows MPOs to quickly find examples of how other MPOs are addressing resiliency in these plan components.